Netflix and chill on social media

Netflix and chill on social media

Netflix, the dubious procrastination candy has fabricated our conventional content consumption, augmented binge watching and literally became a part of the lifestyle of a 20-something. As we believe, there’s a story behind the fond embracing of Netflix and Chill and we like to call it Netflix and Social media.

Netflix and social media

We may be pushing it a little or maybe not, but Netflix is a binge-watching drug, sheltering genres for differing souls, generating a cult with their content and making the most of social media through individualistic approach towards it thus magnetizing their target audience.

Social media strategy is the spine of your digital business environment and Netflix is aware. They’ve dared to be different than the traditional television medium by releasing entire seasons unlike one episode at a time, thus making it convenient for viewers and for themselves by producing campaigns around the entire show.

Making humor their trademark, Netflix has carved a niche for their target audience, where they keep interacting witty with their fans by responding on Facebook comments, Twitter cross-interactions with celebrities or keeping their sense of humor high on Instagram through their captions and posts.

Netflix and their campaigns

Consistency and diversity has been the key for them where staying current, crisp, conversational and creative has worked tremendously in their favor where they cater to their global audience and have sort of built a community of Netflix-ers (if we may say).

To campaign Pablo Escobar’s Narcos, season 2, Netflix built awareness by bringing in the historical, realistic side into the digital space. Through Narcopedia, a Tumblr based microsite, the brand enriched an interactive experience to take the viewers through the world of Narcotics and the war against drugs. The entire experience draws parallels between the real events and its portrayal in the series.

Across digital portals, the official accounts shared photos titled #Cokenomics, the series of visuals that features contemporary comparisons of the Escobar Empire, getting them up, close and personal in the life of this drug mafia.

In this case, the brand tapped into reality to get viewers intrigued with the life of Escobar and getting them involved, hooked on to the story and keep the suspense breathing.

Talking of creativity, the immortal sitcom ‘Friends’ found a new life through a YouTube campaign when the brand heard the voices of our hearts by getting all 10 seasons on Netflix. To promote the debut, the campaign created responsive video advertisements that were modified to the content, YouTube audience set out to watch.

The ‘Friendly Preroll Campaign’ tagged some top-searched videos and created pre-roll from the show’s footage, for example, viewers searching makeup tutorials would see Joey’s Japanese makeup ad, users looking for dance videos would get the Ross-Monica moves and those looking for cats would see Rachael’s hairless cat breed footage.

After Tumblr and YouTube, Netflix built an interactive campaign for TV series Gilmore Girls, that was a toggling between offline and digital where the brand leveraged Snapchat. Netflix took more than 200 coffee shops to recreate the fictional Café Luke’s from the series Gilmore Girls. These café’s served free coffee in Luke cups to promote the series that was to premier on the video-streaming service. Snap-codes were printed on 10,000 cups that were distributed and fans opened the app and took a picture of the decal. Then Snapchat prompted them to apply the sponsored filter to their photos for an hour.

This exhilarating activity managed to restore the excitement for the series, where the brand leveraged a digital platform that currently is soaring among the youth. Not entirely relying on the digital aspect of it, Netflix managed to built excitement yet again for the show and garner audience beyond the usual fans.

Keeping the customary at bay and celebrating diversity through their varied genres, Netflix created a campaign on YouTube for their original comedy-horror series called Santa Clarita Diet where cannibalism was shown through bright, contemporary visuals.

Netflix’s social channel offers a mix of communication using content that pleases to the global audience that is both creative and effective. The brand streamlines the gap between their global audience of television series and movie fanatics, lucidly infusing social media posts in their style making a strong connection.

The brand talks about the slangs attached with their name- Netflix and chill, binge-watching and password breakups.


Netflix has worked its way out to identify similarities within this miscellany and use this in their favor to create a niche for like-minded viewers. A digital marvel, the brand has created campaigns that re-define social media marketing and becomes one of the finest brands that is involved in evolving digital business scene.