Parachute encapsulates #MagicOfWarmth


Replacing hair flips and caressing of dreamlike tresses with a story that talks about a sibling relationship that lucidly correlates with the product towards a conclusion in the most unpredictable manner. Sharing with us the #MagicOfWarmth, Parachute hair oil enters the digital threshold through an engaging film.

#MagicOfWarmth Outline

Usually, hair product campaigns have a standard narrative of a disheartened girl because of her visibly rough, messy hair and as soon as she uses the brand’s product her hair turns unrealistically glossy, healthy which instantly brightens up her mood too.

Keeping this cliché storyline at bay, Parachute narrated a short story, wherein the second part in which as per norms, the hair is supposed to become glistening and flawless, does not happen.  The four-minute long film gives out content that nowhere talks about hair per say or gives any superior prominence or camera space to it in the beginning.

Since the beginning, the storyline emphasizes on the rough sibling relationship, which at large is also very relatable to the audience and later this relationship is interconnected with the roughness of the hair which is resolved with a massage given by the brother to his sister to calm her down thus- #MagicOfWarmth

This emotional connect that is brought to the film just enhances the richness of the content, overpowering all the shallow narratives that largely only endeavor to sell their product, but not strike a conversation with their consumers.

Here, with the story, the brand takes an effort to hold our attention, put forth a reasonable campaign and emotionally takes us through the entire experience by beautifully knitting an engaging film.

Social media buzz

Parachute through this campaign has maintained its brand image and somehow proved to us that it deserves to be the best in the market, rather our first choice at large when it comes to hair oil choices in India.

This isn’t the first time that Parachute hair oil created a strong storyline that built an emotional brand-connect, as last year for Holi the brand created campaign #KhulKeKhelo where an unexplored storyline was created of an old-age home and linked it beautifully with their hashtag without stating the obvious benefits of hair oil that a brand usually boasts about.

With #KhulKeKhelo the brand broke the stereotype of having a photogenic young face on the screen as the protagonist and yet again with #MagicOfWarmth the characters were not criticizing or romanticizing their hair in the before and after respectively, thus keeping it real.

They even came up with a campaign titled #ArtOfOiling, wherein a creative manner they tried to lure people into oiling their hair, using their product

Social media had an optimistic reaction towards the campaign where people shared and praised the guts and script of the film. #MagicOfWarmth has definitely set itself above its competitors like Dabur Vatika on social media.

Overall, though the campaign should’ve marketed itself well across digital portals, it only released on YouTube and yet with its matured script, well thought and executed campaign elevated the brand’s persona in the digital sphere.