Social Samosa Agency Feature – Webmaffia


Who are we?

We are a digital agency that has a strong foothold in “Creative thinking and execution”. Webmaffia is now almost 5 years and growing, with a team size of over 50 people. The co-founders themselves go back to a decade and more of experience in digital advertising and execution, with Prasad Devadiga heading creative, Sagar Jadhav heading the technology department and Veera Ghyara leading the new business and client servicing division.

What’s in the name? 

There’s a lot of “history” behind our name! The Maffia was a World War 1 resistance group in Czechoslovakia created to overthrow the Emperor of Austria. We’d say Webmaffia was born out of our desire to establish & execute organised industry leading digital marketing services.

What we do?

We create 360∞ digital strategies for brands, covering all major services such as website design and development, Social Media Marketing, creating campaigns with relevant content & digital creatives, Search Engine Optimization, mobile application development, web and Facebook application development, etc. The space of Media buying & selling is something we are getting into shortly.

Why we do it?

Our founders identified the immense potential of digital becoming an integral part of a brand’s advertising initiatives and sometimes being the only channel for a brand’s creation & growth. They have managed to make a mark amidst peers while also gaining vast experience & insight during their stints with reputed digital agencies. They decided to create a digital marketing agency of their own, in order to help take this industry forward in our country.

How we evolve?

We have set up teams for strategy and innovation. The strategy team is focused on studying market trends, international campaigns & behaviour of Indian consumers, and create marketing solutions. This team works closely with innovations, social media, search and technology teams. The objective of the innovations team is to develop solutions using current and emerging web, mobile, search & social media technology advancements and features. Strategy team along with emerging technologies team has helped our client to reach out and communicate with their audience.

Social responsibility in social media 

Webmaffia as an agency does its bit in upholding social responsibility on social media platforms by ensuring that our intent & its outcome enriches people’s lives without hurting anyone’s sentiments.

Our aim is to always engage with our audience through creative & honest communications.

Need of the hour 

The need of the hour, according to us, is for social media giants as well as brands to work in sync with each other to provide consumers with more relevant content. Personalisation of content on the basis of interests is getting saturated as a concept.

It makes more sense to engage with the audience on a personal level through conversation and campaigns rather than by mapping and tracking user habits and other online activities that are a form of privacy infringement. This could enable a brand to provide content that the viewer can derive utility from.

We learned the hard way

The problems that seem the least intrusive occur most often. Educating and convincing brands about the reach, benefits and power of social media is a herculean task & a widespread problem that’s fairly easy to overcome once you identify a few key factors.

Firstly, it is necessary to be able to back up claims when going up against formidable opponents in this industry. Numbers, facts & reference data play an important role in making digital marketing plans more easy to understand for the client.

Secondly, technology is a keystone of the digital space. But it doesn’t remain constant and being able to act on these changes ensures survival amongst other players in the market.

Adopting and utilizing systems and processes that can make content more engaging and interesting, at the right time can help give an agency the edge at the execution level.

They work with us

Our client base extends across a number of industries such as FMCG, Finance, Home Appliances, Ebooks, Media & Entertainment, Fashion, Real Estate, IT, etc. Some of the most prominent names being Marico(Saffola, Parachute, Livon), Birla Sunlife Mutual Funds, Birla Sunlife Life Insurance, Lakme Salon, Kaya Skin Clinic, Meru Cabs, Puresense, ICICI, ASK Wealth Advisors, HDFC Life, Kotak, SBI Life, Rosetta Books, Zee Entertainment, SAB TV, Sony Entertainment, Eureka Forbes, etc.

Industry as we foresee

Social media is ever evolving and has increased its reach exponentially over the last few years because a larger number of people have access to faster internet and smartphone devices. The coming years will see an increase in the level of interactive content such as Live Video streaming and action oriented Social Media content.

Brands will need to start reaching their audience by being present on the same platform where their audience is, such as harnessing the power of chat based applications, that are currently the preferred mode of communication amongst the masses, to provide consumers with a more personalised experience. Chatbots will help simplify the process of direct communication between brands and their patrons while providing real time engagement.

A day without Internet 

Imagine an office full of people stuck in a real-life mannequin challenge. It’s a little 2016 but that’s what a day without Internet feels like.

In all honesty, though, no Internet allows us to connect with each other over sports, board games or food!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes! We are always on the lookout for individuals who can embody the Maffian spirit in words and actions!