Congress, SP and allies corner BJP in UP with #bjp_भगाओ_up_बचाओ


With the first polling phase for #UpElections2017 drawing closer, Congress, Samajwadi Party and the herd of supporters leveraged a twitter trend to launch a scathing attack on party from all fronts with #bjp_भगाओ_up_बचाओ

The Huge social media success of BJP  in General Elections 2014 opened up new avenues of political ambush for leading opposition parties across boundaries. While BJP might have missed out on their marketing mojo, the opposition has started taking the medium more seriously.

#bjp_भगाओ_up_बचाओ was trending for a considerable amount of time with contributors taking jibes at PM Modi and BJP ruled states. Right from #FekuModi creatives that depict the irony of PM Modi’s tall claims to Jawab Dega UP that point out the inefficiencies from party at the centre to Bhartiya Jumla Party which resorts to satire for countering PM Modi’s rhetorics.

Here’s an example of how the alliance of Congress, Samajwadi Party and volunteers spread the word against one of their biggest competitors on the UP soil.

1. The *Not So* gentle reminder on the employment promises

2. Look Who’s Talking

3. The crafty use of numbers to make sense?

4. Criminals in the House

5. The Honest (Bhole) Candidate from Sikander

6. WYSIWYDG What You See is What You Don’t Get

7.  Thousands to miff Millions?

8. The Adani Port Connection

9. Homely concerns on subsidy

10. All claims no calms, Yes Action speaks louder than words!

Head to the #bjp_भगाओ_up_बचाओ  to know more about this tactic from the opposition, though the impact of a twitter trend is short lived but it’s enough to add up to consonace/dissonance of voters who are on the hunt for more information before making the decision to vote!