Durex India raises the moment marketing bar with Ranveer Singh

Durex India

The news literally spreads like fire in this age of Social Media. And when Ranveer Singh’s eccentric dressing sense turned ON Twitterati and online media publications, Durex India grabbed the opportunity to make some noise

To give you a background, Ranveer Singh stole the thunder from Shahid Kapoor at his birthday party triggering a surge of witty and sarcastic condom-centric reactions from the twitter-verse on the choice of his outfit for the day.

The Social Newsrooms at almost all the leading online publications got into this action packed performance act and published a flurry of articles within couple of hours

Durex India

The umpteen references and mentions of the word condom with their brand ambassador Ranveer Singh activated the social media minds at Durex India / Agency on record and they played this masterstroke with ease and grace

The post has gone viral with over 2 lac likes in a span of 40 hours. Though a section of audiences online are still ridiculing the actor for his fashion sense, this camaraderie has delivered a classic moment marketing case to learn from