5 reasons why Elle India’s YouTube strategy is simply disastrous

Elle India

While people are speaking about their latest rendezvous titled, Let the Girls Be, their video strategy isn’t all that it appears. We try to tell you why!

Elle India’s recent video, Let the Girls Be has been going viral, and as the click-baiters say – for all the right reasons! The video is a testimony from every girl who has ever tried to hide her natural anatomy, as a muscle instinct. Can’t have your cleavage showing and bra straps? What are those? Pfft!

In association with WEvolve, the video was published on Elle’s YouTube channel on January 29 and since then has garnered 59, 917 views; the video on Elle India’s official Facebook page earned 2.1 million views. The video was further shared on WEvolve Global’s official page and got nearly 3k views there. The video attracted mentions from various publications, and celebrities that have been association with Elle India.

Let the Girls Be is being lauded, bringing to light Elle’s raw and blunt video strategy, which we don’t like by the way!

Elle India’s official YouTube channel has 1,299 subscribers. Amidst a consistent dose of makeup DIYs, behind the scenes of great fashion events, and tutorials of workout regimes – Elle has a tongue in cheek approach, which works as a monotony breaker for the brand.

They said BOOBS!

Haww! Gasp! Sigh! And all the sounds in between. Elle India actively promotes Breast Cancer Awareness and decided to use the B word to do so. I mean, they could’ve shown the pink ribbons and made a heart touching celebrity video in black and white hues. But, no! They had to get quirky, and use slang, and get the youth to listen.

And spoke to Chetan Bhagat…

I mean such losers! Who cares if Chetan Bhagat has sold millions of copies of his books, has ardent following amidst a niche, stands for what he believes in, and has basically achieved what a lot of us only dream of. Chetan Bhagat has to be trolled and Elle India simply broke the tradition.

Created a sarcastic brand voice

Now that’s just not good manners for a brand. When they can be tutoring about shades or red, they took Diana Penty to speak about the ridicules of social media in Gen Y. They got witty, and experimented with the video set up, giving it a retro feel. Too much audacity, I say.

Decided to have fun with Bollywood’s new faces!

Now, who cares about talent; it is the brand value of celebrities that counts. And playing such childlike games with them, that the youth like. The brand knows to speak their language and fit right in. Maybe it’s called content marketing, but it isn’t for Elle.

And went behind Ranveer Singh’s reel swag

Wouldn’t it be easy to speak about his relationship with Deepika Padukone or comment on his quirky wardrobe? But Elle had to break the clutter and speak about something like life lessons to Ranveer Singh. They captured the person behind the reel and I feel it’s just too desperate.

All the video hooks are too different from what floods the internet and are under or slight over 60 seconds, making them easy to consume and shareable. Elle connects with the youth on their terms and it is so unlike brand. I can only imagine the havoc these videos would unleash if they were marketed better.


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