Brace yourselves, Instagram Albums are here!

The newest update allows users to share multiple photos in one post, Instagram Albums so you will not have to handpick one picture

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Brace yourselves, Instagram Albums are here!

You will no longer have to handpick your most favourite picture to share with your friends on Instagram owing to the newest update that allows users to share multiple photos in one post, Instagram Albums.

With Instagram Albums, users can now combine up to 10 photos and videos to share them in one post, and their followers can swipe through to view all of them. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours trying to figure the Instagram-worthy picture since posting more than one picture from the same vacation or party is particularly frowned upon among millennials.


This new update was being tested with select users, and have received positive feedback due to which the feature is being rolled out in the next few weeks to their 600 million users, spread across the world.

Here is how you can use the new feature if you have received the new update from Instagram.

Tap the upload button and select the new Album button to upload multiple photos and videos together in one post.

Edit your pictures separately with filters of your choice, one at a time or all pictures at once.

Tap and hold to change the order of images in the album, or to remove pictures or videos if you change your mind

Captions and location are available for the entire album together, and so are the likes, but you can tag your friends in the individual pictures.

On your feed, if you come across an album, you will see blue dots at the bottom which signify that there are more than one pictures or videos, and its an album.

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