[Interview] Ameen Khan on the inception and rise of Nazar Battu Productions

Nazar Battu

Social Samosa interacts with Nazar Battu Productions on how they live up to the quirky name with content that is not only relevant, but relatable for the youth.

Ameen from the Nazar Battu team takes us through the process that led to the inception and rise of their channel, and the ideation that goes into creating the next potentially ‘viral’ video and how they plan to take the new year and its challenges head on and raise the bar.











With more than 200k followers on their YouTube channel, Nazar Battu productions is on their way up on social media with their fresh brand of content that resonates with the younger audience.

What inspired you to start Nazar Battu Productions? The one thing that lead to all of it..

It is never one thing which leads to something like this. It was a gradual process. We wanted to show people the stories which they can relate to. Stories which they always notice in their surroundings but have never seen on the screen.

What’s in the name?

Everything actually! It has to be catchy and something which is hard to forget for a long time.

Nazar Battu Productions mainly features quirky content. Please take us through your ideation process.

If it isn’t quirky, why will anyone watch it, right? There is so much competition all around that to survive if you have to make sure your content is different from the rest.

Which is your favorite video so far? Why?

It will be unfair to the rest of the videos. But if I have to pick one favorite, it will be ‘Valentine Pandu 2’. Reason being satisfaction. It is very important to be satisfied with the content first. Make sure that you are giving the best output to the viewers. Once you have done that, people will love it.

Do you often work with brands? What are the deliverables involved usually?

We are open to work with them. We make sure we meet their requirements and we get a handsome amount for that so all good for both.

Brands are big on branded content, nonetheless, do they understand product placement in native content?

They do. They have smart people who understand how they can get great results in a smarter way.

What has been the most ridiculous brief received by you so far?

You can’t say ridiculous. People have different mindsets, different thought process. So yes, we have received a few, and fortunately or unfortunately we differ in our views.

Comedy and emotions work – the industry works on this belief. What are your views on it?

Everything works if you are good at it. Yes, comedy is largely accepted by the viewers as compared to others. But there are creators, good creators who are doing good in other genres too.

What was the biggest hurdle that came your way while starting Nazar Battu Productions?

That one content which has the potential to go viral! Before our first video was uploaded, we had already made few videos and dumped them for the same reason.

What are your plans for 2017? What can your fans expect from you?

We are planning a trip to Goa this year, like every other youngster. On a serious note, we have plans to make more fiction with colors. To entertain our viewers more than we did last year. To raise the level of our content to the next level.