Mumbai Police's Twitter Arrest* goes viral

By the end of a tiring #BMCelection day, Mumbai Police witnessed a ridiculous fat shaming pun by controversy's kin Shobhaa De.

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By the end of a tiring #BMCelection day, Mumbai Police witnessed a ridiculous fat shaming pun by controversy's kin Shobhaa De. We present to you a sequence of events that unfolded thereafter.

Mumbai Police may be vigilant out on the streets to keep us all safe, but their vigilance spills over perfectly online too. Nothing escapes their eye, and this time, it was a bad pun. Unforgivable!

It was Shobhaa De this time, yes the catalyst for Twitter controversy for a while now, and one would think she would have learned a valuable lesson after her tweets about Indian Olympic Athletes sparked a nationwide outrage last year.

Well, owing to the non-existent precaution that Shobhaa De exercises over her tweets, she tried to poke fun at Mumbai’s finest this time around, and needless to say, it backfired big time.

The Mumbai Police’s Twitter account is known to be pretty badass, but they raised the bar with their classy and stern reply to Shobhaa De’s tweet which may (hopefully) deter her from doing so in future.

Pointing out that the gentleman in the picture is not a Mumbai Police official while at the same time killing with kindness with the last line.

To which Shobhaa De found a half apologetic, half confusing reply asking the M.P Police to consult a dietitian and claiming the image is not doctored in any way (which no one actually said it was!).

Now considering the first reply from Mumbai Police, we can only hope the next one is even better! Or that their counterparts in M.P are just as good on Twitter as Mumbai's finest.

Twitter users were in awe of Mumbai Police’s reply and once again scratching their heads over why Shobhaa De does what she does, and why she continues to do it! Here are some of the reactions from Twitterati over this whole fiasco with many users accusing Shobhaa De of body shaming the gentleman in the picture, while others admired the reply from Mumbai Police.

1. Fair point.

2. Stressing on the importance of fact checks.

3. Harsh words eh?

4. The internet never forgets!

5. Well this just became relevant again!

6. Hahaha What a De!

7. That is never okay.

8. Burn?

9. This guy pointed out that it wasn’t even an original bad pun!

10. Aata mazhi satakli right?

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