Dharma Productions fails in replicating the silver screen charm on social media

Dharma Productions

Weaving content for Nirav Modi’s jeweler collection, Dharma looped in Bollywood biggies Priyanka Chopra and Siddharth Malhotra for this film.

After dreamy storytelling on silver screen, Karan Johar’s baby Dharma Productions has stepped into the digital world with their new avatar or as they like to call it #Dharma2Point0.


Creating a Bollywood-y scenario of glitz, glamour, a location larger than life and turning on the Valentine’s Day charm the film showcases a proposal scenario, starring Siddharth Malhotra and Priyanka Chopra.

The film commences with a wide shot, where the camera takes a bird eye view on the location and the twinkling city lights as is gets closer to Malhotra preparing for his perfect proposal with a ring full of bling held in his hand. An agitated Chopra enters the scene after having a rough day, the couple is seen conversing for almost over a minute long where finally he proposes her with the ring as the camera focuses on the diamonds and yet again when he places it softly on her finger.

Throughout the film, the story-line is a little stretched and predictable in nature where Dharma Productions, sticking closer to their brand image fills the screen with vibrancy and a very contemporary set-up where English remains the language of communication.

Giving an edge and redefining a particular target audience through their content and execution, Nirav Modi gets a breakthrough in the digital world with a film that runs on face-value and a massive production house making an entry into the digital world.

The competing jewels

Released on Valentine’s Day, the film garnered 504,652 views, received 18k reactions and over 2k shares.

These digits throw a light on the current digital scenario portraying how face value holds greater capability to garner attention than the content or structure of the campaign.

Entering the digital world where giant jewelry brands have signed their existence through campaigns, Nirav Modi stepped into the scene with a giant name which lacked in content innovation.

Their competitor, Tanishq has timely leveraged on story-telling and strings in sentiments, warming hearts of their audience by narrating their stories. Recently, #RivaahBridesByTanishq was the campaign that hit the digital portals and counted 619k views, over 15k shares and more than 20k shares on Facebook.

Extremely gratifying and engaging, this film took their audience through the traditions of each and every corner of the country by keeping the film multi-lingual and surfacing the soul-stirring relationship of a father-daughter, leaving everyone teary-eyed towards the end.

Releasing around the same time, Tanishq’s #RivaahBridesByTanishq managed to steal the thunder from Nirav Modi’s campaign.

Kalyan Jewellers too paired up with Terribly Tine Tales to produce a tale of love within 140 characters, where the brand moved away from the clichés and told a love story through words.

As for Dharma Productions, with their entry in the digital ecosystem as #Dharma2Point0, it is imperative for them to maintain their brand image as high quality content creators. Though they managed to get engagement on their content, the production house needs to get out, study the digital atmosphere and try to drive innovation and fresh content.


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