Rasna makes a comeback with Pyarelal Ke Bachpan Ka Pyar

Pyarelal ke Bachpan Ka Pyar reiterates our love for Rasna all over again

Mohammad Kanchwala
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Kaun hai pyare lal ka bachpan ka pyar
There may not be an elixir of youth after all, but the one that takes us back in time does exist. From the house of Rasna, the brand so closely associated with millions of childhood memories is back, and the flavour of the season is love as portrayed by Pyarelal Ke Bachpan Ka Pyar.

With yesteryear actor Pyarelal at the centre of the brand’s latest campaign, Pyarelal ke Bachpan Ka Pyar, Rasna celebrates love and the nostalgia that accompanies it.

An enduring brand in the Indian market, as well as the Indian psyche, Rasna attempts to capture their message with a cheeky video spot that manages to be adorable thanks to Pyarelal and Daisy Irani. The video ends as the two actors exclaim, ‘I Love Rasna!’, as we all did years ago.

Watch this space for our Campaign Review of Pyarelal Ke Bachpan Ka Pyar. If you would like to share your thoughts with us, let us know at team@socialsamosa.com.

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