YouTube explores Influencer Marketing with #SeeSomethingNew

Influencer Marketing

One of the most sought after platforms for content creators, YouTube launched an integrated Influencer Marketing campaign to consolidate their position as the preferred platform for content creation and consumption.

Influencer Marketing still dominates a good chunk of conversations in the marketing circles owing to the impact the concept can have on a prospective audience. For the uninitiated, Influencer Marketing draws inspiration from the diffusion of innovations theory that seeks to explain how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread.

While the applications for Influencer Marketing have been used, overused and abused over a period of time. The success stories have proved its merit time and again.

Going back to the basics of finding and nurturing the innovators and early adopters of the platform, YouTube India has devised a new campaign, #SeeSomethingNew featuring some of the finest content creators on YouTube across genres like food, technology, music, and entertainment.

The primary objective of the campaign is quite evident that the brand (YouTube) wants to ride on the popularity of these YouTube celebrities and channelize that further to increase content consumption on the platform. With the success stories from leading YouTubers and the revered acknowledgment, the brand wants to inspire the budding content creators to come forward and try something new.

Humility in any form gets due returns in some way or the other, the consistent efforts put in by YouTube to encourage and nurture the new age content creators with a sense of entitlement and monetary returns has been paying them off well.

In this connected world where the tenets of co-creation and sharing are bound to help your build and exchange audiences, #SeeSomethingNew is a great step towards penetrating YouTube to newer and remote markets.

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