9 Aadhar Memes that prove internet is a funny place!

Aadhar Memes are here guys!

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Aadhar Memes

There was recently a furore all over social media when the government proposed making Aadhar Card mandatory, and that it may also become the one and only identity card in future. A move that the Supreme Court disagreed with.

And while many citizens took to social media to voice their concerns, and protest against this proposed move, there were some who saw the perfect opportunity to make #AadharMemes out of.

We found some of these #AadharMemes for you in case you missed out on them.

1. The mark of every Aadarsh Balak

2. This has got to be the funniest #AadharMeme

3. Is this true? :O

4. Time to go back Jadoo!

5. WTF!

6. This could be a blessing in disguise.

7. Not the Pokemon :(

8. If you don't believe this..

9. Take a look at this.

If nothing #AadharMemes turned out to be a great source of entertainment.

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