Axis Mutual Fund attacked patriarchy with #ItsYourTime

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Axis Mutual Fund #ItsYourTime
When just a handful of society strives to go by Coco Chanel’s words when she said, “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” But, the majority of female population is still succumbed to misogyny, bigotry, inequality and denunciation.  Tackling this issue through lighthearted banter this Women’s Day, Axis Mutual Fund releases a video #ItsYourTime, for all the women out there.

Campaign outline

Axis Mutual Fund #ItsYourTime unleashes the deep rooted casual sexism, patriarchy present in the societal normalcy by taking us through a candid conversation between three young women, which is quite relatable and in fact common for women.

Through the conversations, these women surface the ubiquitous patriarchal presence and our casual, accepting attitude towards it. Where it may seem like a tiny male-bashing session between these women but this campaign identified the casual approach society has towards demeaning women and their individualism.

The brand suggested how on one hand we acknowledge the independence of women but we also surrender to situations where we question her decisions to see if her actions adhere to her husnband or parent choices.

Shormistha Mukherjee, Director, Flying Cursor, adds, "It's an insight that resonates with so many women out there. If your parents aren't asking you if you signed off on every decision with your husband, your colleagues or friends are. We wanted to point out this behaviour, to encourge people to be cognizant of it, so they can put their money where their mouth is when they talk about celebrating independent women on Women's Day."

Subtly mentioning how women can make significant life decisions like investments the campaigns draws a connect with the brand through this campaign.

With the absorption of story-telling in this digital age, it has become difficult to decipher the nature of the brand through its content, where brands of different genres are striking in emotions through story-telling, struggling to break stereotypes or just getting involved in cause-marketing.

Karan Datta, Chief Business Officer at Axis Mutual Fund, says ,"As a brand we always endeavour to change the conversation with our customers and other stakeholders. This is one more bold attempt at starting a new conversation by touching upon a social issue"

Social showdown

Where numerous campaigns flooded the digital sphere with their campaigns, some predictable where they encouraged women empowerment and glorified the gender for a day, there are some brands who managed to rise above the clutter and hit the strike on the cord.

Casually, taking a somewhat sarcastic approach towards societal norms, Axis Mutual Fund through #ItsYourTime told us to embrace change. With 284,535 views on their Facebook, 7k reactions and over 2k shares this campaign sent out the message for women to be bold and take their own decisions.

The brand even showed their concern for the consumers by responding through personalized messages to a few comments and not the automated, formatted responses.

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Axis Mutual Fund managed to bring out a more effortless, engaging campaign and content that is relatable to most of us.

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