#WomensDay: Big Bazaar V/s Reliance Fresh

Big Bazaar Reliance Fresh

Two retail chain brands – Big Bazaar & Reliance Fresh rejoiced womanhood through their own creative content strategies. Social Samosa took a moment to study the variations between these competitors’ occasion marketing strategy.

The number of brands using their power to preach about equality and raising their voice for feminism this International Women’s Day, is exceptionally impressive. Wearing their thinking caps on, coating their content with empathy and enlightenment, brands have taken a route to bring about a change.

Reliance Fresh Analysis

Reliance Fresh’s #JeeLeZara narrated an episode from the life of a middle aged couple, where the wife decides to go on a trip with her ‘girls’ gang’ to Goa while her husband is hesitant to let her go. Concerned about her safety and health, worried about taking care of himself in her absence, throughout the film he is shown cribbing about her plan. But adamant to go on her trip and confident, the content of the film looks into a couple of aspects around a women.

To break it down, this film through its content mainly encourages women to live a life for themselves and be self-determined in their decisions, also somewhere subtly points out how their presence in our life and home matters.

Set up in a regular Indian household scenario, the brand follows a content strategy which is believable, relatable and not preachy in nature, which is a great break from all the cluster of strong women-centric campaigns flowing over the internet.

Big Bazaar Analysis

Churning out content around their brand image, Big Bazaar here gives an ode to women around us through a visual music video. Through a video that talks about the smaller, every-day elements of life Big Bazaar makes us realize how women take care of the little essential details of our life.

To the mothers, partners or the women in our life who take care of our morning coffees, torn socks or empty toothpaste tubes, this video is addressed to them. Lastly, the video shares a message which says women love to shop, but not always for themselves. Here, it points out how they shop and take care of everybody’s well-being in the family.

Through their campaign, Big Bazaar gets a little stereotypical with their content where all these duties are attached with the gender.

Comparative Analysis

The first similarity we noticed was that both the retail chain brands were addressed to the Indian women, who happen to be their target audience. Though, both these brands have the same target audience, their approach towards the topic is quite different.

Where Reliance Fresh talks about liberation and being independent even at the age of 50 years, Big Bazaar attaches the role of grocery shopping, brewing coffee or even changing the socks to women. In the age where brands are about equality, here Big Bazaar still seems stuck up in thanking women for doing what they already do, while Reliance Fresh encourages for a change.

As far as social media digits are concerned, Big Bazaar received 4.9k views, 251 reactions on Facebook while Reliance Fresh was way above with 4.6M views, 87k reactions and over 50k shares.

Where one tried to sell their product to create a brand recall, #JeeLeZara tried to sell their content through their story-telling approach with Sachin Khedekar and Renuka Shahane.

In the digital age where international brands are talking of gender egalitarianism and Indian brands following the same path, Big Bazaar lacks in their projection of ideology, while Reliance Fresh owns a better understanding of the environment and their audience.