Cockroaches, customer assault and more! #BoycottCCD trends on Twitter

Boycott CCD

It looks like the food chain Café Coffee Day tasted flavor of its own coffee, with some creepy crawlies on the side. An incident got elevated on social media, which now has raged Twitteratis who are ready to #BoycottCCD.

On March 12, news floated across social media when Arpan Verma was slapped by a CCD employee in Jaipur for pointing out poor hygiene at the restaurant with cockroaches crawling around. In an unacceptable turn of events, the female employee slapped Verma.

As soon as he shared this incident on Facebook, it went viral, generating a lot of support for him. The story took a turn when the female staff decided to lodge a complaint of harassment against him, thus getting him arrested.

Now the law student himself is facing arrests after a complaint was filed by the employee herself who alleged that he used derogatory words like ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’ against her.

Soon after the news broke, Twitter came out supporting Verma, urging everyone to Boycott CCD.


This seems to have outraged social media who are not tweeting #BoycottCCD in response to this incident. As per law, a restaurant is expected to adhere to certain hygiene standards which the outlet clearly did not follow.

Influencers and Twitteratis have shared their opinions on the incident, where the voice against CCD seems louder, whereas Café Coffee Day has tweeted to look into the matter.

Social Samosa takes you through the intricate analysis of the social media statistics revolving around this incident, have a look to see the kind of impact it has created on the digital platform.

Yet again, the social media judiciary is back in action where Twitteratis have picked their side, making this another example of how social media can literally make or break a brand.


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