This Vintage Cadbury Campaign still spells magic

Hitesh Rajwani
Mar 03, 2017 10:20 IST
Cadbury Campaign

Cadbury is undoubtedly one of the best case studies Indian Advertising and Public relations industry has seen. From Iconic advertising campaigns to classic crisis management lessons, Cadbury has been there and done that for real.

Cadbury Dairy Milk India unlocked a social media achievement today with the cadbury campaign kuch khaas hai trending organically on Mumbai trends map.

Shamacita @shambha_v posted a tweet revealing that her parents inspired one of India's biggest ad campaigns for Cadbury's @DairyMilkIn

For a modest twitter following of 700, the tweet went viral amongst people who connect to the Kuch Khaas hai ad with over 250+ RT’s and 50+ replies across tweets with people attributing the idea to the advertising legend - Piyush Pandey

Shamacita later clarified the stance on this cadbury campaign with these set of tweets

Cadbury Campaign

This mention got Shamacita and Cadbury Milk India’s account trending on Mumbai Trends list with a 95% positive sentiment.

Cadbury Campaign

Cadbury Campaign

Cadbury Campaign

Source - TrendsMap

This #SocialMedia win however small it may seem depicts the strength and impact of brand building efforts by Cadbury. The spontaneous recital of legendary ad jingles like Washing Powder Nirma or Garmi me daalo doodh me ice Amul or the Kuch Khaas hai jingle from Cadbury Dairy Milk mark the impact of these brand stories and imagery that literally got etched into hearts and minds of the people.

In the conventional age, brand managers would completely rely on offline surveys, focus groups, and brand track studies to understand brand perception, but in today’s day and age the true test of a brand’s equity is organic mentions which trigger conversations beyond circles of virality

Do you think it's about time for Cadbury to milk in this spontaneous opportunity and drive more conversations around nostalgia for this ad or the brand team should just cherish the win and strive for bigger goals?

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