This Denny’s tweet is the new “Dunk In the Dark”! Better actually…

Denny's Tweet

Denny’s decided to jump the meme bandwagon and totally hit the bull’s eye!

A meme for everything! A meme of everyone! Weirdest phenomenon evolve into a meme and suddenly millions are playing around with it. A particular zoom-in meme is now making rounds and it is downright hilarious.

For the unacquainted, the image has a message in micro font, urging users to go to another part of the image, that portion would then have another message guiding the user to a different part of the image, creating a code word journey of sorts.

Adding context to it, BuzzFeed recently posted a similar meme featuring Bobby Deol; the image 6.4k reactions and 1608 shares.

As the meme began to sell like hot cakes, Denny’s a pancake house in San Francisco, decided to jump on the bandwagon. The brand tweeted a picture of pancakes, with the copy – Zoom in on the syrup. Proceeding to create a journey of messages.

Now, banking on memes isn’t really know. We all remember the Be Like Ben memes. So, what was different? While the consumers expected the final message to be a marketing push about Denny’s, the brand decided to get too real with the meme. The last message was – has this distracted you from overwhelming existential dread lol. Ultimate #burn.

Since zooming in from desktops wouldn’t be possible for all, we sourced zoomed in images of the Pan Cake Tweet for you.

Image Source

Ninety per cent smart thinking and moment marketing with ten per cent luck, the tweet went viral and was re-tweeted over 70k times and favourited over 90k times, gloriously, breaking the record of Oreo’s very famous, Dunk in the Dark tweet which was re-tweeted around 15k times.

Every time brands abandon their God voice, their human fans get closer to them. So, look the right, look to the left, and create a meme.