Free stock photo websites that will enrich your blog without costs

Free stock photo websites

Finding the right image to accompany your article or act as the perfect backdrop for an illustration is at times easier said than done, and if you are a blogger who has just begun to make their mark in the world, paying for stock photos may not sound like an attractive prospect.

Websites that offer vast databases of stock photos seldom come cheap, and the images may even begin to appear monotonous after a while. For reasons economical or artistic, it is always good to have a wonderfully creative database of stock photos that can enrich your blog, or publication with their presence.

We compiled a list of websites that are generous to share their art with people for free!

The thing to understand about ‘Free Stock Images’ is that there are two types of licenses on them, Creative Commons Zero and Creative Commons with Attribution.

Creative Commons Zero implies that you can use the images however you wish to, without asking for permission. Creative Commons with Attribution implies that you can still use the image however you wish to, but you have to attribute the image to the owner. Example: Photo by Craig Thompson.

1. IM Free

2. Libre Shot

3. Superfamous

4. Gratisography

5. Makerbook

6. Stockvault

7. Startup Stock Photos

8. StockSnap

9. Fancycrave

10. Jay Mantri

11. Death To The Stock Photo

12. Life Of Pix

13. Public Domain Archive

14. Negative Space

15. Getrefe

16. Stokpic

17. Splitshire

18. Little Visuals

19. Free Range

20. Unsplash

21. New Old Stock

22. Picjumbo

23. Free Refe

24. Pixabay

25. Free Images

26. Morguefile

27. Picography

28. Kaboompics

29. Pexels

30. ISO Republic

You can thank us later!