Ghadi Detergent shares a message with #SaareMaelDhoDaalo

Like grime smeared across a pristine garment, the presence of thugs and perverts, dishonor the auspicious festival of Holi each year, indulging in nefarious activities cowering behind the excuse of ‘Bura naa maano Holi hai‘.

Armed with a social message, Ghadi Detergent’s #SaareMaelDhoDaalo is a timely arrival, as Holi and International Women’s Day both approach. It speaks of the rampant assault on women’s liberties and modesty in the name of celebration, which needs to be addressed.

The video depicts the usual revelers who are visibly intoxicated, and one of them appears enchanted by the prospect of applying gulaal on one of the two approaching women, quoting the infamous, “Bura naa maano Holi hai”, disingenuously expressing concern that her clothes have become dirty.

The woman hammers in the message at the end of the video by telling the man that her clothes can be cleaned, but what about the dirt in his heart.

#SaareMaelDhoDaalo was well received on social media, but its unlikely Ghadi Detergent will follow it up with a full blown campaign over a period of time, but the video is a noteworthy effort nevertheless.

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