HDFC Ergo markets its new app with #AbTakeItEasy

HDFC Ergo #AbTakeItEasy

#AbTakeItEasy practices what it preaches, reassuring policyholders that in case of a health emergency, the first and foremost priority should be you, and not formalities with health insurance.

Depicting the panic induced jitters that one experiences during the ‘moment of truth’, wherein the focus of family and friends should be immediate attention to the patient, HDFC Ergo Health Insurance debuted their new, smartphone apps with #AbTakeItEasy, which helps put policyholders first, formalities second.

Explained through a vigilant father’s regular preparation drill whenever he hears ambulance sirens in the distance, #AbTakeItEasy shows us how his worry is laid to rest knowing that all his health insurance details, and the location of the nearest cashless hospital are available in a moment.

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