These Hijra community campaigns will etch a smile on your face

Aishwaria Sonavane
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Hijra Community Campaigns
Deprived of basic civil rights, egalitarianism, social justice or even basic job opportunities for the Hijra community have been stuck in a perpetual state of discrimination. Fighting for their rights or acknowledging their presence very few brands and organizations have come up with content pulling our attention towards them.


Vicks released a heart-warming tale of a mother-daughter, wherein the maternal love of a transgender mother is unleashed. As they say, everyone deserves to feel what it means to be cared for, everyone deserves the #TouchOfCare.

I am not a Hijra

Often, due to lack of awareness or mere ignorance, people confuse the two sects of genders in the society by misinterpreting the transgenders as Hijras or eunuch. To bring this to the notice, the Transgender community on Facebook created campaign #IAmNotAHijra which showcased 18 transgender men and women holding placards in a bid to clear their gender identity from that of the Hijras.  Though the campaign became a victim of controversy for putting down the Hijra community by some of them but overall this helped to comprehend the difference.

The Seatbelt Crew

A community by Hijras made a public service announcement we couldn’t overlook. An initiative by The Seat Belt Cew, a group of transgenders spoke about seatbelt safety and in their unique manner delivered a lesson on road safety.

6- Pack Band

Brooke Bond created an award-winning campaign where they released a music video of the country’s first eunuch band. Progressive and absolutely bold, this campaign by Yash Raj Films, executed by Mindshare received an overwhelming response on social media.

With kinds of content revolving around social media, touching upon social issues, breaking stereotypes, promoting feminism and so much more, unfortunately content exclusively supporting the rights of eunuchs seems to be missing. Nevertheless, with these brands setting fire on social media, we can only hope it burns brighter than ever.

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