ICICI Prudential’s #ListenToBody instills health awareness

#ListenToBody, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance’s version of ‘Prevention is better than cure’, urging people to take necessary steps to spot and act against symptoms of morbid health issues that affect millions each year.

Interweaving a call to secure their health with financial assistance when ailments do appear,  ICICI Prudential #ListenToBody, portrays their message in a short minute long video, narrated by a man who now celebrates two birthdays, because he acted early, and saved his own life.

Diseases such as heart ailments, cancer, kidney ailments and other such health issues are detectable through symptoms that seem normal, but the brand promotes regular check ups, a watchful eye for symptoms and financial cover.

#ListenToBody from ICICI Prudential has vigilance and preparation at it’s core, and the social mesage aligns perfectly with the brand’s product.

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