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It has been a bad couple of day for the start-up world, as yet another company perished under the perils of the ecosystem. Yogendra Vasupal, Co-Founder, Stayzilla recent shut shop. It was a normal occurrence in the start-up globe if it stopped at that.

Once a start-up shuts shop, a vendor settlement procedure follows, which according to Stayzilla’s media agency, Jigsaw, didn’t happen, and the former owes the agency a whopping sum of INA 1.56 Crore.

Vasupal was arrested late in the night, since then his whereabouts have not been unknown.

The start-up community soon took to Twitter, demanding the authorities and the fraternity look into the matter. #ReleaseYogiNow has been doing round on social media with the start-up world fighting tooth and nail to get Yogendra back to safety.


Vasupal who claims that all the settlements were made, uploaded a cry for help on Medium, on March 14, narrating an extremely distressed account of how he was being harassed by his landlord and Aditya CS.

The article has recording of calls made by Aditya to Vasupal, with Jigsaw owner using derogatory language for Yogendra’s wife. It also shared images of a voodoo doll sent to his co-founder Sachit with his young son’s image attached to it.

Call for action

Shradha Sharma takes a stand!

We are family!

Raise your voice and do your bit

The incident brings to light the grey, rather crimson on the start-up world to an all new level. We urge the digital world to come together and do their bit!

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