We are looking for Social Media Superwomen....

Social Samosa
Mar 01, 2017 12:30 IST
Social Media Superwomen

Social Samosa is looking for Social Media Superwomen. Are you one?

Stare at the screen, plug-in earphones, tie hair into a tight bun, take a deep breath, and begin! Fingers stringing words into tweets, squinted eyes analysing posts, and brain squirming with strategy and tactics!

While we have progressed from the on the face sexist mindsets, women are still often subjected to trivial sexism, not even realising they have been suffering from it. Subtlety how? There are Mad Men of the industry, no Mad Women, though we have witnessed revolutionary ladies taking the industry to an all new level.

Social Media Superwomen

So, this is a shout out to the fairer sex of the Social Media world. The ones that have been trudging forward creating “herstory.” You have been the (s)hero of your agency or brand or the social industry? Then it’s time to claim the fame.

Write to us on, letting us know how you conquered the social media in 140 words.

We are looking for Social Media Superwomen, and we know there is one each of us. So strap up and write to us now!

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