WhatsApp for Business being tested for India

Mark Zuckerberg's plans for WhatsApp are ambitious, and could expand into a business communication tool in India as WhatsApp for Business

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WhatsApp for Business

Mark Zuckerberg’s plans for WhatsApp are turning out to be even more ambitious than we may have presumed. It is rumored that the messaging app could expand into being a business communication tool in India as WhatsApp for Business.

One of the biggest markets for WhatsApp, thanks to the boom in a number of people receiving access to internet and smartphones, WhatsApp for Business may offer a commercial version of their core app for organizational communication for companies with 10 or lesser employees.

This could see the platform compete with other similar platforms such as Slack, Asana and Basecamp, but it is yet to be known whether the company intends to scale up from the reported number of employees.

There could also be a twist in the tale, wherein the company may be attempting to infuse customer support capabilities by granting commercial features to the WhatsApp for Business accounts, which could imitate the chat bots on Messenger.

But the second possibility is unlikely. Organizational communication seems a rather compelling possibility for now.

It could be Facebook’s first attempt to monetize the platform, three years after it was acquired for a huge sum of money.

WhatsApp for Business is currently in the testing phase as reported by Forbes and could see a wider launch upon receiving positive feedback.

India makes up for a huge chunk of WhatsApp’s gigantic 1 billion with more than 200 million monthly active users which is 15% of the total user base.

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