Comedians who challenge social stigma with perceptive humor

Aishwaria Sonavane
Apr 06, 2017 11:30 IST
Comedy today is some serious business and we kid you not. Coaxing the content with generous layers of humor, the stand-up comedians of this country are raising their thoughts around grave social stigmas that we usually succumb to.

Curating a list of these comedians videos, we bring to your notice these harsh realities of the society, filtered with the wave of comedy in the country today.

Kunal Kamra

Patriotism & the Government- the recent sketch released by Kamra on March 1 was hard-hitting on the face of reality, having said that this comedian even became a recipient of death threats because of this video that managed to erupt the rage of extremists.


Daniel Fernandes  

While some comedians sometimes feed off social issues to produce content, Fernandes is one such comedian who has a bold, fearless take on most of the sensitive issues that reveal the dark side of this society- rape, marital rape, student suicide and so much more.

Aditi Mittal

The comedian who stands by her feminist ideas and blatantly pulls down societal stigmas attached with menstruation, sanitary pads and bras in the country leaving the audience in splits. Her sanitary napkins and bra shopping sketch on YouTube has gained immense popularity.


Varun Thakur

We all know how this country reacts to the world condoms and contraceptive, but comedian Varun Thakur picked up these exact topics to talk about in the most humorous manner. Trying to normalize these health necessities in our society, this sketch is something you must not miss.

Abijit Ganguly

The gigantic National Anthem controversy in the country, this comedian joked about this fiasco by shedding light on the current fickle scenario of the country.

Neville Shah

Misogyny, the adjective that unfortunately describes the wide scenario of the world today, Shah takes on this misogyny titled in his sketch – Men, Women and Misogyny. Coating the content with comedy and unleashing the ugly side of our society, he talks about how the world needs feminism, also taking a subtle jibe at the judiciary of our country.

East India Comedy

The East India Comedy, or EIC as we fondly call them, dedicated a song to the most important person in the country right now, PM Narendra Modi. The song was titled The Modi song and rhymed it to knit together some hilarious content. Well, considering the current scenario, making a song about Modi was quite a bold move by the EIC.

Karunesh Talwar

Safety of women in India, a topic that needs grave attention in this country was picked up by Talwar and he managed to deliver this sensitive topic with grace and hilarity.

These comedians have many more miles to go before bringing a legitimate social change with their content in the country. The myriad of controversies and allegations have not stopped these artists from aiming high and we should totally appreciate their zest to do some bit towards the greater good.

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