Instagram Collections for Saved Posts is here!

Instagram Collections

For Instagram, necessity is the mother of ‘inspiration’, and you won’t be surprised when we say, Instagram has been inspired once again, this time by Pinterest’s Pin Board feature to give us Instagram Collections, a new way to organize Saved Posts.

Instagram Collections enables Instagram users to create private, personalized folders where users can arrange and segregate Saved Posts as per their needs, classification or any other such categories for future reference.

Instagram Collections

Since the Bookmark feature was introduced back in December last year, close to 46% of Instagram’s 600 million users have used the feature atleast once. Bookmarks work wonderfully for people who may try to replicate a photograph, or use a tutorial or recipe in future, Bookmark pictures from a place they wish to visit, or simply wish to save something they wish to look at once again.

Save your favourite outfits, DIY projects, locations and any Instagram post you would love to revisit.

Long pressing on the Bookmark/Save icon will reveal the option to Save the post into an existing Collection, or create a new Collection for your post. Privacy is of the utmost priority as professed and reiterated by Instagram. Bookmarked posts and Instagram Collections will only be visible to you, and you can find Collections under the Saved posts tab on your Instaram profile.

Instagram is making the Pinterest inspired feature more Pinterest like, something which appears to have formed a pattern of sorts, beginning in August last year when the entire inspiration/borrowing infatuation for Instagram began with Instagram Stories. Since then, the photo sharing platform has been involved in battles with both Snapchat and Pinterest for supremacy in the visually driven social media platform category.

Collections for Saved Posts are available for Instagram users on Android and iOS users on their respective App Stores as part of Instagram version 10.16.