Jealous 21 banked on social media to create buzz around #FreeJeansDay

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Apr 18, 2017 07:15 IST
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Jealous 21 banked on social media to create buzz around #FreeJeansDay


Jealous 21


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Reconnecting with their target audience through a brand building activity, Jealous 21 conducted a campaign in India titled #FreeJeansDay across 4 flagship stores.


The goal behind the digital campaign was to create a unique experience for the TG that would resonate with them.

The aim on digital was to build an integrated multi-channel communication.


In addition to social channels, SMS/MMS bursts and GDN ads were also included in the mix.

The activity buzz and registration started a week earlier across digital. Assets created included a landing page for the entries, lead ads, and click to website ads backed up with social media content to create buzz.

On March 25th and 26th, the celebration stretched to social media. The brand did Instagram takeovers, sharing stories, boomerangs & hyperlapse videos every hour.

Rachna Aggarwal, CEO of Future Lifestyle Fashions said, “This success story marks our entry to building the Jealous 21 brand on digital. We wanted to break the internet and prove that a digital activation, even one relying almost solely on Instagram, when done right, can bring in high footfall in-store and generate brand love.”

An Instagram Live was also conducted on March 25th to build hype and to show people who weren’t a part of the event what they were missing out on. This was extended on March 26th with Facebook Live from the stores.


The concept of #FreeJeansDay caused the website to crash with over 50,000 girls logging on to register in the first few hours.

The Saturday launch saw a great response with girls lining up outside the stores, even before they opened. With over 5000 girls visiting various stores across the country, 1500+ mentions were generated across social channels in the first 3 hours.

The brand managed to use social media as a tool to enhance the reach and impact of their on ground activation.

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