Best LGBTQ rights campaigns for inspiration

LGBTQ rights campaigns

If you peel off the human skin, deep down we’re all equal. As cliché as it sounds, Judith Light once exclaimed, “You know, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender – people are people!” Hoping to ignite this thought in people by fading off the inequality and revulsion, brands have overtime come out in support, hoping to transform the queer community from a mere cause to normality.

Social media and LGBTQ, in collaboration have only evolved. Enabling people to connect in the virtual world, social media has benefited them to gather and speak for equal rights and acceptance for their sexual preferences unanimously.

Here are some LGBTQ rights campaigns we liked.


The apparel brand stood up for the cause through a film titled ‘The Visit’ under the series of ‘Bold is Beautiful’. Through the script, this film told an anecdote about a lesbian couple who decide to come out openly about their strong relationship to the parents of one of the girls who are set to visit her.


The brand that manages to come up with utterly butterly delicious campaigns with topicality as their forte, after verdict of Section 377, stood up in support of the right of the queer community through a creative portraying the clear death of freedom of choice.


The brand that directs their communication to the youth of this country, stirred conversations around the much hushed issue of lgbtq way before it entered the mainstream brand practices. Fastrack released a sassy video of two lesbians in their campaign titled #MoveOn, encouraging people to come out of the closet, by literally visualizing it.


The jewelry brand through a creative and an indirect wordplay said what they had to in support of the queer cause. Through this creative, Tanishq became one of the few Indian brands to have indulged in this cause.


Myntra used their logo itself to disseminate content, wherein they tilted their logo of ‘M’ to showcase how a man plus woman, woman plus woman and man plus man is all straight, thus encouraging social media to not discriminate.


The quirky souvenir brand, Chumbak with time has amplified its presence over the digital portals, becoming a favorite go-to option for the young generation. In support of the cause, the brand inspired to love and let love during the topical Section 377 verdict.

Allen Solly

Apparel brand Allen Solly too became a part of the voice through a creative, where they communicated their content through the rainbow of queer community expressing their support for equality.


The luxury leather goods brand Hidesign too leveraged the rainbow to deliver their message during the same time frame. Going beyond just the equal rights for the lgbtq community by further saying how every size, color and shape is beautiful and endorsed equality in diversity.

Prior to this list, we also acknowledged brands who stood up for the Hijra and transgender community. Through this endeavor, Social Samosa appreciates the brand who took the responsibility to speak in favor of equality by respecting the sexual preferences of people. We encourage more brands to leverage on the power of social media to stand by this cause, in unification.


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