The Social Street announces an exclusive partnership with Amp.Amsterdam

Apeksha Harihar
Apr 12, 2017 11:14 IST
The Social Street

The Social Street announces an exclusive partnership with Amp.Amsterdam, the global leader in sound design, identity and innovation to help brands in India leverage the science of sound in their brand communication.

The brand-new partnership is set to merge the virtual with the real and make experiences which are interactive and hence contagiously social. What you hear affects what you see. Maximising the power of sound and sight, the collaboration will work to help brands bring to life a sonic identity for themselves that is clutter-breaking, relevant, unique, and engaging yet consistently true to its brand promise.

According to the agency, sound has always played an intrinsic part of marketing, be it brand-led communication or communication of an experiential kind. From the gongs at the temple, to the church bells and the Azaan, not just brands but even faith has an intrinsic sound. Infact, sound has subconsciously always been part of communication in India across the years.

Remember how you knew Doordarshan was on whenever you heard the strains of the sarangi. Or that lingering signature tune at the end of a biscuit ad which reminded you of Britannia.

The Social Street will now offer immersive experiences, 360 VR experiences, innovative sound designs, exceptional music supervision capabilities and enhanced audio production proficiencies.

With offices in Amsterdam and New York City, plus an army of composers, producers, and creatives sprinkled around the globe, Amp.Amsterdam works in all twenty-four time zones simultaneously, and their extended family of publishers, record labels, and festivals makes them a truly global force.

Pratap Bose, Chairman & Co-Founder, The Social Street says, "Our partnership with Amp.Amsterdam was just the one we were looking for, as we aim for greater uniqueness in our array of brand offerings and getting deeper into the immersive experiential experience.”

Dagmar Heijmans, Strategy Director & Co-Founder, Amp.Amsterdam says, "The DNA and the people at The Social Street are a perfect match with the team, vision and philosophy at Amp.Amsterdam. We are very proud to partner up with India’s most innovative ad agency and open up new ways together to amplify brands in India.”

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