Facebook LIVE facilitates India's first Agency-Client Match

Aishwaria Sonavane
New Update
Facebook LIVE
Live-streaming by digital platforms has only accelerated the pace of content dissemination, enabling conversations and interactions to be more intimate and immediate. As brands and digital marketing agencies redefine the business prospect of social media platforms through ways, we follow up on one such story by Ankur Warikoo, founder and CEO of Nearbuy who leveraged the live feature to sell a pitch.

A few weeks back, Warikoo, Founder and CEO of Nearbuy (formerly Groupon India) broke the norms and the comprehensive procedure by taking a digital route to pitch his brand to all the agencies out there using Facebook LIVE

Through his first live video, Warikoo put out their brand in the open, clearly stating how they’re looking to get rid of their former image and look forward to build something that has an offering which can be used on daily basis.

The first live video released back in January instantly received an overwhelming response from creative houses garnering a total of 11,655 views till date.

The Result

Keeping up the curiosity, Warikoo resorted to Facebook LIVE again today announcing the winner through eight-minute long video.

He announced how this possibly first-ever Facebook Live brief had an outcome of 96 pitches, 24 face-to-face interactions and finally three finalists. Sharing inclusive aspect of this entire deal, he shared the name of the agency that finally cracked the pitch for the brand that is – Enormous, led by Ashish Khazanchi who too became a part of the video and shared the nature of his agency.

In this Live video, he introduced Poornima Katyal, his brand manager who worked in close association with the pitch, along with that the entire team of Enormous was introduced through the film, thus giving acknowledgement to the agency.

Live briefing

This step taken by a brand unleashes new ways for business on social media, wherein the brand from step one stuck to the digital means of selling its brand. Through this initiative, the brand gained some acknowledgment and intrigued the digital marketing agencies to come up for business.

This initiative laid a path for absolute transparent conversations, wherein the brand ideology was put out for the public to view, which before this was mostly concealed. Through this, the brand is enabling viewers to be a part of the brand from the very scratch and experience its growth with each step, somewhat building a relationship.

Considering how brands are not embracing the digital era out and about, is it safe to say that Nearbuy just kickstarted a new trend?

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