Flipkart had a conversation with its Twitter friends, and it was hilarious!

Flipkart celebrated a decade of existence with #Big10YourWay. And boy it was fun. Don't trust us, check it out yourself

Mohammad Kanchwala
May 11, 2017 13:20 IST

Remember having endless discussions with your friends about the amazing things you want to do for your birthday? Imagine you’re an overachieving child with a pristine record, and there are absolutely no limits as to what you want to do for your birthday. Impossible am I right? Well not for Flipkart’s 10th birthday it isn’t!

Flipkart just turned 10! And the brand as usual strutted their impeccable social media game and called upon their Twitter friends and followers to take up the #Big10YourWay challenge, asking everyone to share their version of the #Big10YourWay celebrations.

It turned into an interesting conversation as Flipkart challenged Swiggy, who readily took up the challenge and were full of admiration for Flipkart, and the inspiration that the brand serves as for entrepreneurs across the country.

Soon, the conversation was joined by Ola, and Twitter was delighted to watch their favourite brands having a conversation with their friends like they do. We have got to say, we loved it!

Flipkart then urged Cleartrip to take the #Big10YourWay challenge and the brand responded by going the extra mile!

It turned out that Cleartrip and Flipkart have a lot in common! And aren’t we glad.

As the conversation progressed, Flipkart continued to do what they do best and nailed it with some witty one liners and replies to all those who replied. Kudos is all we have to say!

Here’s to more Twitter chats between brands, the way Flipkart does it.

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