Manforce brews a tale of make-up sex with FilterCopy

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Advertising is not just about framing a dearth and dictating your worth anymore, it’s the digital age of telling stories, enticing viewers to indulge emotionally with the brand. Breathing life into the brand, Manforce condoms collaborated with media house FilterCopy to narrate a story around their brand.

Campaign overview

Lee Odden once shared, “Stories are continuously evolving and spontaneous iterations are frequent based on community memes, popular culture and events.” Having said that, the brand structured the content which became relatable to the younger audience as they produced a film titled ‘Thoughts couples have after a fight’

Coaxed with comedy, through this film we get into the personal space of a couple who have had a fight recently as it brings out their thoughts. Amidst the bickering, arguments and silent treatments in the end they finally make up for it.

During this entire scenario, subtly the male protagonist thinks of having make-up sex after he finds the new flavored condoms the couple recently got. Imbibing the product in their conversation, the campaign conducted content integration instead of product integration.

The idea of content being the king has imbibed deeply in the minds of brands and marketers; hence they’re all trying to attract their audiences by doing the same.

Social media buzz

FilterCopy has made a name of itself on the digital portals, being one of the mainstream content houses, a go-to for youngsters for fun-loving, breezy content.

With 1,891,349 likes on their Facebook page, this collaboration worked in favor of Manforce who have 182,225 likes on their page. This collaboration aided them to reach a larger audience in comparison because the same video received 666k views on the page of Manforce with 402 reactions, whereas the video was saved by 1.8k users and received over 7.9k shares with over 700 shares through the page of FilterCopy.

Clearly, aiding the brand with digits and through this amalgamation the brand even portrayed their personality of being light-hearted and for the young.

Competitor theory

When it comes to condom brands on social media, it’s an established fact that Durex is the front-runner of the race, but through this initiative Manforce has found a spot right behind it. Though their style of their content differs, with Durex being on the wittier side with sexual innuendos, Manforce spoke more of sexual intercourse between couples.

Taking a story-telling approach Manforce though did manage to garner attention, in comparison with its competition still lacks individuality to gain momentum. Nevertheless, with their snackable, entertaining content Manforce did manage to get noticed on social media.

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