YouTube vlogger Shahveer Jafry re-enacts funniest desi problems!

Shahveer Jafry

With a thriving community of content creators and bloggers on social media, the immensity of quick, snackable entertainment has evolved into an industry in its own right. Inspiring more and more social media users to pick their cameras up and realize their potential to leave their mark on the socialverse. One such blogger, Shahveer Jafry aims to spread smiles through his videos.

Originally from Islamabad, Pakistan, Shahveer Jafry lives in Canada and creates short comedy skits and funny re-enactments, drawing inspiration from his own life and escapades. With around 276k Subscribers on YouTube, his videos are based on relatable and funny instances in the life of young people all over the world which have earned him more than 1.48 million followers on Facebook, in addition to his YouTube audience.

Shahveer Jafry’s videos are a minute and a half long on average, and lets just say you will enjoy watching his work and join his already growing patronage.

1. For the love of God enough with the ‘Hi Deer*!’

2. Oh! Bhaizoned

3. I’m both of them

4. If I ever go to jail…

5. Based on true stories

6. These stunts were performed by experts. Please don’t try them at home.

7. Just play ‘Oh ho ho ho’ and step back. “Aaj tera bhai naya step marega!”

8. WTF Dad

9. Based on true stories : Part II

10. Call the ambulance

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