5 scrumptious social media marketing tips from Oreo

Social Media marketing tips from Oreo

Dunking in social media, Oreo with their luscious cream filled strategy is leaving a sweet trail of crumbles as it leads its way up in the digital world. The cookie around the global has become a face of contemporary marketing through its endeavors, so let’s take a closer look at their content mix for some social media marketing tips from Oreo.

Maintaining a spark in their communication, Oreo, through their polished social media strategy somehow always manages to savor our buds.

Artistic outlook

Pulling off an awfully modern sense of style through their content, Oreo has utilized their product itself to stay chic, classy and oh-so artsy. Inclined towards the visual aspect of marketing, Oreo knows the art of attracting eyeballs through their cocktail of thoughts and how!

Vivid storytellers

Integrating product in their stories, Oreo is visually painting a picture beyond twisting, licking and dunking. Inspiring aesthetic imagination and producing content relevant to their global audience, the brand is not just a cookie but is nurturing to turn into a storyteller of our everyday life.

Playing with the product

Replacing Oreo with everything under the sun, the cream-filled cookie is instigating our imagination, asking us to play with it. Unleashing the cookie centric creativity, the brand positioned its trait as the fun-loving, quirky and ingenious campaign that uplifts daily moments, which eventually stuck in the minds of their consumers.

Real-time marketing

It’s all about hitting the nail at the right time and spot for the right engagement. Clutching onto a topical moment through wit can take a brand places and Oreo has definitely learnt the knack of tuning their content in sync with their audience’s desire. Talk about topical and real-time content? Oreo knows it all!

Snack hacks

Move on from the good old twisting, licking and dunking, because the Oreo indulgence has gone way beyond the mere cookie turning the product into an ingredient itself. Sprinkled on yogurt, blended in cake batter or turned into popsicles, the brand is doing your taste buds a favor and promoting itself even more on social media by showing off this multi-purpose cookie.

Through snackable content, impeccable illustrations, colloquial tone and faultless topicality the brand is rolling its cookie on the right path, and is actively revolutionizing how brands use social media.