Britannia launches Good Day #Wonderfulls with a heartwarming tale


If you cannot stop smiling, you have obviously had a good day, and this simple yet brilliant insight has helped Britannia craft their messages for their Good Day biscuits around smiles and happiness. The brand furthered this association with the launch of Good Day #Wonderfulls.

A 40 second spot starring Good Day brand ambassador Deepika Padukone reveals #Wonderfulls as she surprises her Grandmother with a pair of new dentures and the crispy new cookies from Britannia, proclaiming that smiles double and triple with #Wonderfulls because they are #WonderfullWhenShared.

Posted by the brand on their Facebook page on 17th June 2017, the campaign video for Britannia #Wonderfulls has garnered 3.2k Views in 2 days and has had few reactions and engagement with 185 Reactions, 55 Shares and 7 Comments, which point towards a scanty organic performance.

The new variant utilizes a new ingredient that has not been a part of Britannia’s Good Day biscuits in the past such as berries, and chocolate chips that were welcomed into the family some years ago.

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