[Data] 72.7% of Ind vs Pak conversations were around Team Pakistan

Ind Vs Pak data

One of the biggest sporting clashes in the realm of Cricket playing nations, India VS Pakistan was once again the highlight of the ICC Champions Trophy tournament, where the long standing rivalry was re-ignited once again. Fans of both the teams fueled conversations on social media about another historic encounter between India and Pakistan.

Indian social media users dominated conversations on social media as per the heatmap; users went into maximum overdrive once India won the match. Let us look at heatmap and data depicting the conversation around the India VS Pakistan match.

Take a look at the Ind Vs Pak data by Meltwater to understand the the social media conversations.

India VS Pakistan

This heatmap depicts conversation and their volume based on countries, and as you can see, Indian social media users dominated conversation around their Cricket team, whereas Russia, the United States of America and Great Britain too managed to be interested in the proceedings of the match.

India VS Pakistan

Meanwhile Indian social media users were also interestingly the ones who spoke the most about their neighbors and rivals online, with Russia, the United States of America and Great Britain once again coming second, third and fourth respectively.

India VS Pakistan

“It is indeed interesting to observe the conversation trends on Social Media focusing on Pakistan more than India, post India’s comprehensive win in the Champions League match. Upon doing a deep dive, over 120K conversations on Pakistan originated from the Indian subcontinent while the conversations focused on India from its home region only numbered 64K. The overall nature of the conversations ofcourse was in good spirit with social banter and jokes, and Twitter was the most used social platform for driving mid-match audience engagement. Ofcourse, no surprises around the high volume of content on social media post-match given the outcome of the match,” Bhaskar Bose, Managing Director at Meltwater India.