A recap of the interactive sessions from #SMLive 2017

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A recap of the interactive sessions from #SMLive 2017

The Live Blog will give you real time updates from#SMLive, as the elite panelists share social media wisdom with you.

The day has finally arrived! It is #WorldSocialMediaDay, the day to celebrate the medium that has been bringing the world closer and making it a better place! From protests to peace making efforts - all on this one platform. And then we there are brands, who complete this ecosystem.

It is the celebration of this platform with #SMLive, a Live Social Media Conference by Social Samosa, with exchange4media as Media Partners and Treize Communications as Communication Partner.

With an esteemed set of panelists, #SMLive starts at 11 AM with a Keynote Session from Rajiv Dingra, Founder & CEO at WAT Consult.

This blog, will share Live updates from the conference! You can also share your questions with us in the comments below or on

We hope you will help us make #SMLive a memorable, knowledgeable and successful event.

11 AM: Rajiv Dingra, Founder & CEO at WAT Consult goes Live 

Rajiv speaks on The State of Indian Social Media Industry.

  • Mobile and video are two pillars on which Social Media is scaling
  • Instagram has a unique positioning as compared to all other players
  • LinkedIn is a great platform for recruiting
  • Instagram posts no longer an adaptation of mainline creatives
  • Majority of the brands are under leveraging social media
  • If you're a student this is the best time to go out and explore

11:23 AM: Rajiv Dingra concludes session 

11:30 AM:  Suchita Salwan, Founder & CEO at Little Black Book goes Live

Suchita speaks on The Power of Community Building on Social Media

  • We use Facebook to recruit people to share their recommendations and experiences

12: 00 PM: Aashish Chopra, Head, Content Marketing - Ixigo goes Live 

Aashish is speaking on The Secrets of Viral Video Marketing.

  • No one can make a video viral. Only audience can make a video viral.
  • Viral is abused word in the industry!
  • Share is the new currency of social
  • We have to move really fast and engage in 3 - 6 seconds
  • You can play around with production value but not storytelling
  • Videos should be made for mobile
  • The initial seeding of the video is very important

  • Please don't make a ad. Create something that has value for audience
  • Operate like a movie studio
  • Attention span is falling, competition is through the roof, you have to create shareworthy content
  • Just get your feet dirty and experiment with videos
  • If you make 10 videos do not share all! Experiment!

12: 30 PM Abhash Kumar, Head - Marketing at Factor Daily goes Live

Kumar speaks on Social Media Tips for Online Publishers

  • You have to understand that only 20 per cent of the time should be spent in making content and 80 per cent in marketing and distributing it
  • The best way to inorganically increase reach of your page is boost an already well performing piece of content
  • Quora will give you traffic even two years down the line

1:15 PM: Praanesh B, CEO - Qoruz goes Live

The Holy Grail of Influencer Marketing

  • From number of followers to brands will ask questions like who are the followers and how will the influencer impact my earned media value
  • Brands focus on infleuncer first and then on good content

1:45 PM: Rohan Mehta - CEO at Social Kinnect

Mehta speaks on Digital creative and media buying, the power couple

  • We need to be more open about measureability and RoI

1:50 PM Apurva Chamaria, Vice President and Head of Corporate Marketing at HCL Technologies

  • Your LinkedIn profile has to be consumer centric
  • ABC of Social Selling - "Always be connected"
  • Make sure your company name is mentioned across all your platforms!
  • It is not enough to broadcast content
  • You have to be consistent and responsive

2.30 PM: Rahul Vengalil, CEO & Founder at Whatclicks

Rahul speaks on Optimizing the ROI on Social Media Marketing

  • Have a unified view of all your social media activities
  • Try to find matrices that matter to you
  • If you're objective is CRM, the number of queries you get will be one of your metrics
  • Give smaller nuggets of information or incentives to your consumers, because they are your communication and will help you engage with them
  • A Pinterest and an Instagram cannot do what a YouTube or Google can do for RoI
  • The amplification is more important that creating the content!

3:00 PM: Jessie Paul - CEO at Paul Writer goes live

Paul is speaking on Do's and Don'ts for #TheSocialCMO

  • "Have a structure, try to mobilize the entire organisation"

3:30 PM:  Malhar Barai - Head of Marketing, HiTech Vertical at Tech Mahindra

Barai speaks on Best AI Practices for Content Marketing

  • Biggest myth about content marketing is that it is the silver bullet that will lead your campaign

4:15 PM: Namita Koshy - AVP, Ogilvy One Worldwide goes Live

Namita speaks on Building a relevant Brand on Social Media

  • The iconic brand era leveraging social media hasn't arrived, we're at the cusp, but will be there soon
  • Please invest/identify in brand custodians, the person needs to know everything about it!
  • Like individuals, brands have problems too!
  • Focus on the blueprinting phase

5PM: Brijesh Jacob - Jt MD - 22feet Tribal Worldwide goes Live

Brijesh  is speaking on Storytelling in the Digital Age

  • There is a great opportunity in story-telling provided you figure out what type of story you want

5: 45 PM Team Filter Copy  goes Live 

Team Filter Copy shares their views on Branded Content: The Right Balance between Creativity and Brand Placements.

This marks the culmination of the first leg of #SMLive! Thanks for making this a memorable conference.

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