Brands celebrated the spirit of Ramadan with beautiful campaigns

Ramadan Campaigns 2017

Once again, the holy month of Ramadan has left us, leaving behind smiling faces, hearty feasts and a whole lot of family time that have been represented digitally by brands on social media with some masterful Ramadan Campaigns in 2017.

Our list features Surf Excel Pakistan’s second feat of brilliance, following up #MadadEkIbadat with #NekiEkIbadat , an addition to their hopefully growing list of beautiful Ramadan Campaigns. Also, Reliance Fresh, Ghadi Detergent and more have reaped the benefits of their hard work to land on our list of Ramadan Campaigns in 2017.

1. Surf Excel Pakistan – #NekiEkIbadat

Created by Lowe Mumbai, Surf Excel Pakistan’s #NekiEkIbadat once again follows up in the brand’s ‘Daag Achhe Hai’ theme, wherein the young boy, Shahid soils his clothes whilst undertaking an act that represents the kindness and compassion that Ramadan inspires.

2. Rostaa – #RostaaSeDua

Making a case for religious tolerance, at a time when it has ceased to be as sacrosanct as it used to be, #RostaaSeDua from the dry fruit manufacturer was executed by HOWL and created by production house, Bullet On Wheels. It shows a boss halt a meeting in order to enable one of his employees break his fast.

3. Reliance Fresh – #ChhotiSiAchhai

Reliance Fresh’s Ramadan Campaign explains something that we all have struggled to understand when we were children, as a young boy attempts to understand the true meaning of Ramadan, and that why his mom does not allow him to observe a fast.

4. Ghadi Detergent – #SaareMaelDhoDaalo

Taking their initiative of #SaareMaelDhoDaalo which the brand began this Holi, Ghadi Detergent opted for continuity for their Ramadan Campaign, pivoting their campaign around the same message. Urging viewers to mend bridges and say ‘sorry’ on the auspicious occasion of Eid.

5. Brand Factory – #SpreadSmartness

Conceptualized and created by the Karma division of DDB Mudra Group, #SpreadSmartness shows how the protagonist Mir uses his presence of mind, and Brand Factory’s incredible discounts to save himself from the embarrassment of not bringing gifts along for his relatives.

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