10 Reasons you shouldn’t follow Rahul Khanna at all

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Rahul Khanna

For all the ladies out there, DON’T follow Rahul Khanna on Instagram, why? He may set unrealistic expectations for men and you might end up with just cats. As for the male readers, this read might just help you up your Casanova game and make you realize what you’re missing.

1) Always Suited Up

You don’t want to raise your expectations of men wearing crisp, fitted and perfect suits on dates, dinners, parties or Vacations!

2) He travels for a living

No really, does this even happen in real life?

3) He can make you “Aww” in about 3 seconds!

Are you ready?

Post-workout recovery.

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Tug your heart!

4) Mr. Perfectionist

Ever met a guy who’s as particular about table setting, perfect picture angle or diet conscious as him? Please tag guys who are, we are in dire need!

A tension of towels.

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I'm pro roe.

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5) No SHI(r)T Sherlock!

Early alarm. Must fit in one last swim to end a glorious two days at the beach.

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7) It’s all about the books

You know the guy’s a keeper if he reads, that’s like dating rule 101

8) He’ll turn your life upside down.



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9) He’ll make you breakfast in bed

10) Did we tell you he’s single?

No, jk. But you never know!

And did we mention you can follow him on Snapchat?

I'm going to take a while to reel from this. You might too.

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