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Social Media 101 Workshop

Social Samosa is back with the Social Media 101 Workshop, the social media marketing symposium for every professional and enthusiast who wishes to gauge the digital ecosystem and expand their mental inventory with knowledge and valuable industry insights.

At the Social Media 101 Workshop, attendees can delve into social media platforms and their nature, and how these platforms are the perfect cogs in the wheel that is a social media strategy designed to achieve and overcome.

Our esteemed speakers, Hitesh R Rajwani, Head of Social Samosa,who possesses expertise in the fields of digital marketing, brand management and experimental marketing, and Mrinil Mathur, digital marketing professional with diverse experience of managing social media and CRM for the Food and Hospitality sectors, will take the attendees through the basics of social media marketing, concluding it with some of the most successful, and groundbreaking social media marketing case studies.

The Social Media 101 Workshop is an event with a complete and absolute focus on professional growth, and is the perfect opportunity for startups, small and medium business enterprises and social media enthusiasts to thoroughly invigorate their minds with know-how of the social media industry.

The Social Media 101 Workshop will be held on 24th June, 2017 at The Oriental Residency, P.D. Hinduja Marg, Off SV Road, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052.

Be the proverbial early bird to get the worm by registering now, and avail our early bird discounts of INR 1000 off, and get your hands on the ticket to social media marketing paradise at 2999 INR only. The early bird offer ends on Sunday, 16th June 2017, so hurry!

Acquire a sea of knowledge and sharpen your competitive edge by learning about paid, owned and earned media mix, social media analytics, social media advertising and more.

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