#SSYearbook17: Deadline to submit campaigns extended to June 15


The Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns 2017, #SSYearbook17, a comprehensive summary of digital and social media marketing triumphs from the industry returns with even more remarkable campaigns and innovative strategies.

Knighting some of the most awe inspiring, revolutionary and extraordinary digital marketing campaigns that should, and will be remembered for years to come, the Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns 2017 is open for registrations until June 15th, 2017.

We are extending the deadline in order to push the envelope when it comes to handpicking campaigns that truly stand out, and can serve as an effective lesson in digital marketing practices for many more. Walk the labyrinth towards the Yearbook of Social Media campaigns, 2017 a binding condensation of hard work, meticulous planning, tireless execution and overwhelming success.

#SSYearbook17 will have campaigns from various industries, executed on multiple platforms, guests posts from industry stalwarts charting social media trends, and global inspiration – an elaborate compilation, the Yearbook is a mark of excellence in the Indian social media industry.

If your brand has what it takes to be a part of the Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns, send in your entries today on team@socialsamosa.com. If you like a particular campaign and feel it should be a part of it, you know what to do. We’re attempting to bring out the best of the industry and expect your support.