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Friendship Day Campaigns

Friendship Day is a very popular event in the marketing calendar of most brands. Every year, just around this day, we find hordes of brands launching Friendship Day Campaigns to celebrate the bond of friendship.

From television campaigns, digital videos and activations, brands are all over the place and they can’t afford to miss anything, lest they lose touch with their prospective customers.

Every year on the first Sunday of August, the world celebrates Friendship Day. Social Samosa takes a look at some of our favorite Friendship Day Campaigns which were released for this special day.

1. PepsiCo India

PepsiCo’s digital campaign #BackToSchool, took the viewers down the memory lane during Friendship Day in 2014. The video captured the mesmerizing journey of four friends, who eat together, grow up together, play together, study togetherand finally prepare to face the real world, but not without each other.

The campaign was a huge success and instantly connected with the viewers. Within 4 days of its launch, the video garnered more than 5.5 lakh views and 2.5 lakh shares.

2. KFC

Last year, around Friendship Day, KFC introduced their Friendship Bucket and in order to promote their new offering, the brand launched a a commercial. The TVC highlighted the message that friends are different, yet together. It celebrated ‘unlikely friendships’ with the message that "Dost jitney alag hote hain, Friendship utni kamal ki hoti hai!"


Taking the core idea of ‘unlikely friendship’ on the digital front, KFC released their campaign titled ‘KFC Frundz Zone’ with stand-up comedienne Mallika Dua, where she urged the viewers to sit back and think of all kinds of friends which one has in their life.


3. Skybags

Last year, Skybags released three short TVCs which spoke about the sweet bond of friendship and the role of friends in our life.

4. Caprese

In 2016, Caprese celebrated Friendship Day through their digital campaign which featured four friends in different countries who are planning their reunion. The message that ‘no matter, where your friends are, they may be out of sight, but they can never be out of your mind’ came out very beautifully.

5. Domino's India

Domino's India celebrated Friendship Day through their digital campaign which highlighted that you may not be able to spend this special day with your friends like you once used to, but the brand promises to rekindle the special bond.

6. Cadbury Dairy Milk

Just around Friendship Day in 2015, Cadbury Dairy Milk launched their ad campaign to promote their limited edition product. It was the story of a young girl being counseled by her friends- each with a different flavor of Dairy Milk, following her breakup.

Last year, the brand launched their #Madfie campaign for the occasion of Friendship Day and it went viral. Creating a crowd funded campaign, the band asked their fans on Twitter to share their #Madfie moments to build. The trend caught up instantly with people sharing their magical or rather mad moments with their friends creating a massive Twitter chain. Celebrities too had their share of fun moments in the contest and they got hooked on to it.

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7. Dove

In 2014, Dove launched a social media campaign, wherein the web banner was turned into a gift store that allowed women to send wishes and gifts to their beloved friends. From accessories, chocolates to friendship bands, users were invited to pick a gift, make a wish and send it to their friend.

Friendship Day Friendship Day

Using the hashtag #DoveBestFriends, the campaign was actively promoted on social media and also through a separate microsite.

8. Zivame

Zivame hosted a contest titled #ChaddibuddyContest on social media in 2015. The insight behind the contest was that we have grown up with one or more close childhood friends about whom, we know each and every little detail.

Friendship Day Friendship Day

The brand launched a series of creatives using lingerie puns. As part of the contest, users had to tag their #chaddibuddies whose personalities matched, on those posts and they could win prizes every day.

10. Vodafone U

Vodafone U last year launched a 'Back to Campus' campaign for Friendship Day to engage with youngsters on topics and issues that matter to them most - friends, music, fashion, health and entertainment among others.

Friendship Day

The month long campaign in 400 leading colleges across top 50 cities was led through campus engagements and was promoted via social media. In one of the activities, students had to click a GIF with their buddies and they could win a lifetime opportunity to attend the world-famous Tomatina Festival in Spain or Ultra Music Fest in Singapore.

This year Friendship Day falls on August 6, it will be interesting to see, what innovative ways brands could think of to connect with their consumers on this occasion.

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