[Data] 75% marketers chose Instagram as preferred channel for image content

The Future of Content 2017 – Chartbuster Trends in Content Marketing gives insights on trends in the content marketing space.

75% of marketers chose Instagram as their most preferred channel for sharing image-based content, while Twitter and Facebook garnered brand approval ratings of 63% and 56% respectively for the same. Twitter, on the other hand, leads the charts when it comes to B2B marketing, garnering 47% marketer acceptance in the non-conventional B2B channel distribution.

These insights are amongst several marketing facts and figures released by Pulp Strategy in its ‘The Future of Content 2017 – Chartbuster Trends in Content Marketing’ report.

Ambika Sharma, Founder & Managing Director, Pulp Strategy said, “While it is already hailed as the king of marketing, content continues to gain more prominence and has become one of the major influencers in the overall customer decision making process. Today, marketers can experiment with a range of content types, marketing channels, and strategies to generate quantifiable results for their business. The Content Marketing Report 2017 discloses some very insightful aspects of marketing which will help marketers and businesses in positioning themselves more optimally.”

User-generated content was found to enjoy greater approval with social media users, with 76% of users surveyed considering it more trustworthy than brand-generated content. Image-based content generated the highest engagement for marketers online, clocking about 55% of the overall engagement, followed by clickable links at 24% and videos at 12%. LinkedIn had the highest number of links shared by users, garnering 76% of the overall engagement volume.

What was ground-breaking, however, was the fact that more businesses are now proactively adopting unconventional approaches, apart from emails and LinkedIn, for B2B engagement. For B2B initiatives, Facebook and Twitter mainly involved brand promotions and testimonial content.

Pulp Strategy based the survey on an analysis of more than 7.5 million posts across various platforms, which also highlighted an increased interest in B2B content marketing over the past six months.

The survey also observed personalization, user-generated content, and interactive media to be the key drivers in the content market space.