8 growth hacking tips for digital marketers

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Growth hacking tips

Rishabh Dev, Founder & MD, Mapplinks shared growth hacking tips for social media and digital marketers. Dev shared 8 tips that worked for him and his clients.

1. Growth hackers rely a lot in hacking into Other People’s Network (OPN), rather than focusing in building followers and fans, which typically a digital marketer would do. So, one should ideally, think about what the business is and what their OPN could be.

2. Growth hacking is just another application of developing a growth mindset, which is basically a faster and a better way of getting things done, which otherwise would have been done in the default way.

3. The first step of building the growth mindset is to doubt the default.

Unless you doubt what people have been doing the default way, you will never be able to create something unique.

4. You have to find the place, where your target audience will be more active on. So, it is always about thinking out of the box and which channels you are going to focus on.

Digital hackers care about user persona, but growth hackers care about channel persona.

5. You are in a competitive world, and one no longer takes 10 years to build a brand. So, another application of growth mindset is to have a lean model or a minimum product tested in the market, then have a 20-year plan.

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6. Every campaign that a growth hacker does is based on one metric index or the North Star metric.

7. In growth hacking, if you are running after likes and followers, you will probably be left behind.

8. The one thing about content marketing is, never publish content on your own platform. If you are doing so, then you are actually getting people who are already connected to you, instead of making use of other’s network.

Rishabh Dev, Founder & MD, Mapplinks shared his thoughts at #SamosaChat organised by Social Samosa. 

You can see the entire session here...

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