Revisiting some of the best APAC campaigns

best APAC campaigns

Brands have a come a long way when it comes to advertisements, and a brilliant advertisement takes incredible effort to achieve. Here are some of the most creative pieces of storytelling from best APAC campaigns.

Advertisements are no longer a hindrance that slaps products in our faces with obscene promotional videos. Today, advertisements are all about storytelling, tears and laughter that brands share with us.

Revisit Google’s Reunion, Nike Korea’s Just Do It and more wonderful digital advertisements that were highly appreciated in the APAC markets.


The Japanese cosmetics brand ‘s campaign for the Chinese market titled ‘Marriage Market Takeover’ employs compelling storytelling, aiming to talk about societal stigma associated with unmarried women beyond a certain age.

Nike Korea

The American sportswear and goods brand continued their habitual deliverance of power packed video content in Korea under their brand identity tagline, Just Do It. Urging athletes to tune out the noise and negativity of society pressuring them to get ‘normal’ jobs instead of pursuing their sporting interests.

Tiger Beer

Some quirky plots from Tiger for their ‘Unofficial History’ campaign in Singapore, proved that video campaigns do not always have to be moving and emotional. Drummed up stories about popular things such as the Mexican Wave and how it came to be, or the invention of Chicken and Rice with a Tiger beer at the center of them was indeed a fresh approach.

RaboDirect Bank

From Australia, RaboDirect Bank’s Shonky Savers is a rather satirical and humorous campaign aimed at promoting their services through this 2 minute long advertisement that begins with a serious sounding news report.

LEGO SG100: Rebuild

LEGO decided to salute Singapore’s unique diverse population with a social experiment. The brand got kids to imagine, what would the Singapore of future look like and build it with LEGO.

Google Reunion

One of Google’s many triumphs when it comes to advertisements, Reunion tells the story of two friends who were separated from each other during the unfortunate partition of India during 1947.

Toyota Motors Asia Pacific

Toyota Motors Asia Pacific depicted the journey of a single mother and her young son over the years, experiencing the ups and downs of life together. A dialogue-less short video, it has a strong background music score and is very well acted.

These were some of the best APAC campaigns we came across. A compilation of best campaigns from the Indian and the global industry is on the way in Social Samosa’s Yearbook of Social Media Campaigns, #SSYearbook17. Campaigns that teach, inspire and motivate, all summed up one single guide.

Stay tuned in as we reveal the launch dates of #SSYearbook17 soon.