7 Web Series BFFs that are just like you and your BFF!

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Aug 03, 2017 14:14 IST
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Web Series BFFs

Whether its being the quintessential BFF in every manner like Alisha and Tanny, or being the friend who is super annoying yet the only friend in need, like Mikesh and the great Purushottam, these web series BFFs are true representatives of our own friendship!

As Friendship Day inches closer, the only person on all our minds, is our BFF, no matter how near or far they may be! Life without them would be difficult and you know it. Now if you’re watching your favourite show and see a reflection of your own friendship on the screen, that has got to tug at your heart. We know you have watched Mikesh lose his mind over Purushottam’s one of a kind antics, and have also seen Purushottam be there whenever Mikesh needs him.

Isn’t that what true BFFs are supposed to do? Make us crazy yet be totally irreplaceable? Check out these some of the best web series BFFs duos and trios!

1. Mikesh and Purushottam from Permanent Roommates

Effortlessly and unapologetically screwing things up from the very beginning, Purushottam is to Mikesh what Mikesh was to Tanya in the first episode! But we can safely say he was Mikesh’s BFF among all.

2. Vipul Goyal and Bhushi from Humorously Yours

Bhushi is the rock in a friendship, who whether you want him or not, he’s there. Humorously Yours is so much more humouros due to the bond between Vipul and Bhushi. I mean who wants to be there on your honeymoon!!

3. Alisha and Tanny from Alisha

The very first episode shows us a glimpse of how close Alisha and Tanny are, despite being apart from each other for years. The screaming, the hugging and all the camaraderie cannot be made up.

4. Yogi, Saurabh and Naveen from Pitchers

Now if your friends stood by you for a startup, and stayed till the very end, they truly are your BFFs. It is by no means a small feat and such friends ought to be cherished.

5. Devaki and Chandni from Dev.DD

It doesn’t really get any better than childhood BFFs, right? I’ll spare you the details from this one, but you have got to watch it.

6. Chadha, Bhatia and Shukla from Fathers

As Shukla endeavours to grab his son’s attention on social media, Chadha and Bhatia do what all our BFFs do! Mouthing off random ideas and making our mission their own.

7. Dingo and Khanna from Ladies Room

Dingo and Khanna’s friendship and their many adventures discussed across six ‘ladies rooms’, encompassed within six episodes. It has drugs, cursing and a whole lot of controversy as you can see for yourself under the comments section on YouTube!

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