Social Media Agency Feature: Digital Republik

Digital Republik

We are on a journey to capture the Social Media Agencies Canvas in India, presenting our next milestone for this journey – Digital Republik story

Who are we?

Digital Republik is a ‘Strategy meets Technology’ led new media marketing agency. We work with Global Clients to help them succeed in the new online and socially connected world. All of our award-winning work is focused on driving measurable business impact for our Clients, whether it is about building a new brand from scratch on generating business leads and more.

Digital Republik Rebels

Headquartered out of Mumbai, with a branch office in Tashkent, we predominantly work with Clients in India and the Central Asian countries.

What’s in the name? 

We live in a connected world. Man made borders separate us as countries, but the Internet connect us all, as one nation, one republic. We as a company operate in this republic and hence the name: Digital Republik.

What we do?

We provide 360-degree Digital Marketing services to our clients. We are a team of ‘Strategic Thinkers’ & ‘Brand Builders’ who are very passionate about Online & Digital Marketing. We work with a Client to plan their Brand Strategy & then use our Magic wand to blend Tech, Design & our on-ground experience to come up with Solutions. From creating a simple website to an ecommerce giant, we love to work across all verticals which are ‘Digitally Oriented’. Here are some of the sectors we can help you on:

  • Campaign Planning & Management
  • Creating Visual & Brand Identity
  • Digital Thinking & Benchmarking
  • Loyalty Programs & Community Building
  • Video Production & Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management

Why we do it?

For far too long, the domain of the agencies has been Creative Thinking and Brand Strategy that was driven first by traditional media, with a limited understanding of Technology.

Yet today, we see that some of the most powerful brand building mediums that exist today, were not built by Ad-Agency guys or marketers, but by Tech guys (e.g. Google or Facebook).

We felt there was a gap in the market in India to build a business that blends Technology with Brand Strategy and Marketing. That is what led to the birth of Digital Republik.

How we evolve?

The digital space is growing exponentially and it will only grow further, as brands, both big & small relocate their budgets from traditional forms of advertising to the online mediums – after all, brands today are built online.

The challenge though has been with the agencies that have only approached the online medium from a design and creative standpoint. While this may gain some visibility for them or win some awards, it doesn’t really ensure measurable business impact for their clients.

This becomes especially visible when you look at young brands or SMEs.

This is where Digital Republik has been carving a solid niche for itself.

Using sound strategic thinking that ensures business impact, coupled with the use of cutting edge, online marketing techniques will be the true measure of how brands grow and acquire customers in the future.

Social responsibility in social media 

The Internet is written in permanent ink. Social responsibility is therefore an integral part of Social Media. That is of course if you really care about your reputation or brand image. We take this very seriously, for our own business as well as for our Clients.

In a hyper connected world, where ‘flavors of the day’ and ’15-minutes of fame’ take on new meaning, the responsible individual or corporation thinks about what their spoken word, opinion, image or video will look like fifty years down the line.

Some people think like us in this regard. However, many others don’t. That unfortunately, is a reflection of our times.

Need of the hour 

The Internet gives the individual a ‘Voice’, a ‘Platform’. It also gives you the ability to broadcast your message rapidly and widely and almost no cost.

This therefore requires a delicate balance between those that create the laws of the land and the digital citizens that are meant to obey those laws.

We have seen both parties rampantly abusing their respective powers or their abilities. Lawmakers try to create laws that are less about ‘facilitation’ or ‘influencing’, but

more about ‘banning’ and ‘control’.

Individuals, use their free speech to provide free opinions that are not based on any responsibility on their part.

Should there therefore exist a ‘Internet Standards Governing Council’ consisting of people from both sides, who tell people what is acceptable and not-acceptable? Can such a council, focus on suggestion & advocacy instead of regulation & monitoring.

These are questions that are the need of the hour.

We learned the hard way

“It’s better to deal with clients who are tough rather than idiots”.

Did we just share that?

Clients never miss to surprise us! There have been innumerable experiences which made us rethink our own existence.

One such hilarious event was that after sharing a creative, we were hadn’t heard back from the client. So, after 2 days we decide to follow-up & he goes like, “We are discussing this with the Board tomorrow. Let’s get on a con-call post that.” Expecting major changes, we get on a call & after building up tension, our client goes like, “So we discussed this with the board & they feel that the white colour used in the BG can be Whiter. Can we do something about it so that it pops-out?”

Till today we are figuring it out on how to make the ‘White’ more ‘Whiter’.  Perhaps even Photoshop should come up with the ‘Fair & Lovely’ Tool.

They work with us

Our clients pan across MNCs to Start-ups! What excites us is the work we do across each industry – Automobile, Healthcare, Education, Fashion & Travel. We have done some note-worthy work for:

  • Bridgestone India
  • Firestone India
  • Wellness Forever Chemists
  • Prettislim Clinics
  • Umoja Travels
  • Asian Heart Institute
  • Godrej Interio
  • Polygel Industries
  • Soccer Connections & many more

Industry as we foresee

Social Media clutter and Online Reputation Management are two foreseeable challenges that we expect brands to deal with in India going forward.

There are just too many people trying to grab the attention of social media users. As the brands compete with each other, the guys who seem to be really winning thus far have been Facebook or Google. How then do you efficiently and effectively manage your limited advertising and marketing budget?

Then there is the issue that the Internet is written in permanent ink. So, if a brand has had a bad customer management reputation, it is there for all to see forever. The challenge is that, this can be misused by people to tarnish the reputation of a brand or its officers; this then is the way Digital Republik differentiates itself.

We build a 360-degree strategy that helps our clients navigates this digital jungle.

A day without Internet 

Disconnection with Internet = Reconnection with ourselves.

Lastly, are you hiring?