A look at how Bajaj Finserv drove business of 3.5 Cr on the occasion of National Doctor’s Day

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Bajaj Finserv


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On the occasion of National Doctor’s Day, Bajaj Finserv wanted to honor the noble cause that doctors do for the society, by highlighting offers specially crafted for doctors. The challenge, however, was in reaching out to so many doctors and spreading the word around the offers. The brand, therefore, decided to use social media to reach out to their audience.

They strategized to spread the word about the campaign using all the social media channels of Bajaj Finserv. They engaged with social media influencers as it ensured them a wider reach and established direct contact with doctors.


To make the engagement more fun and interesting, the brand ran quiz especially for the doctors on Bajaj Finserv’s website. #ThankYouDoc was the first phase of the campaign which kick-started on 29th June 2017 with the launch of the Doctor’s Quiz on Bajaj’s website. The quiz was open for participation from doctors on all four days and doctors were encouraged to take part in a simple quiz laced around their profession. Prizes like Samsung S8 and Amazon shopping vouchers were promised to winners to create a buzz and to attract participation from Doctors. The brand promoted this quiz on multiple platforms to get the attention and amplify participation.

Bajaj Finserv

The second phase of the campaign started with #JustForYouDoc posts on social channels of Bajaj Finserv to educate doctors about the services Bajaj is targeting to provide to doctors. These posts were amplified on various social channels. Through these posts, Bajaj Finserv promoted the total offering of loans that they had on offer.

The final phase of the campaign where the brand used the hashtag #ThankYouDoc to show gratitude towards doctors for the selfless service they have been doing for mankind. They encouraged Twitteratis to tweet their stories about the times when the doctors saved the life, by posting gratitude filled posts for them.

Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv


The entire campaign was worked and executed in just 48 hours of time. The brand approached the influencers and convinced them to share their thoughts about the campaign to create buzz. What came in as a double whammy was that the campaign generated a potential business of 3.5 crores for the brand.

Bajaj Finserv